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What is Youth Meditation?

Even young people have stress, anxiety, and fears weighing them down at times.

Through meditation, they can learn the important skill of maintaining a positive and peaceful mind that is free of worries, in a fun and friendly environment!

Youth Meditation teaches them to clear their minds, reflect on their past actions, and gain the power to change themselves.

Who We Are

Our staff is made up of highly trained and deeply dedicated meditators who have completed this meditation. Having experienced profound changes in our own lives, we are passionate about teaching the tools necessary for youth to lead successful and happy lives. 

What To Expect

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In the first stage of Youth Meditation, they will look back on their thoughts toward their parents, friends, and teachers, how they were in school, playing video games, etc.

By this reflection, they learn why they gave up on tasks easily, why they were often annoyed by their parents or siblings, and why they lacked confidence.

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In the second step of Youth Meditation, they recover their positive mind by discarding the negative mind. Someone who gives up easily often does so because of the fear of making a mistake. Throwing away that fear gives them the courage to challenge themselves.

As they discard their stress about school, thoughts about video games, and the selfish mind, they regain the original, clear, and calm mind.

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In the third step of Youth Meditation, they become the positive mind.

The more they become the positive mind, the more they will naturally have fewer negative thoughts and more patience, concentration, empathy, and creativity, and the more likely they will be to reach their full potential.


Most of all, self-esteem and self-confidence will increase and they will gain the ability to wisely overcome challenges in any situation.

"After meditation, I’ve had less stress, less family problems, and almost no worries…I would definitely recommend this 10 out of 10." - Alex, 11 Years Old

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In Each Session

Each session starts with some light stretching exercises, followed by breathing exercises, to relax the body and mind, and then a guided, interactive, and fun meditation activity, in which participants will “throw away” the stressful, negative, and burdensome thoughts they are experiencing.

After each session, participants feel lighter and better able to identify and release negative emotions.

What Are the Benefits?


By discarding the distracted mind, concentration naturally increases.


By discarding the resistance to taking action, they can achieve their goals with persistence and patience.


By discarding comparison to others and feelings of inferiority, confidence increases.

Positive Mind

By discarding the negative mind, a positive and grateful mind is gained.


By discarding the self-centered mind, the ability to understand the feelings of others improves.

Scientifically Proven

A research team investigated changes in the learning attitudes, before and after meditation, of 343 youth who participated in a meditation retreat. After the two-week program, their attitude towards learning improved, on average, by six times.

Brain activity and creativity increase


Before Meditation

After Meditation

Youth who completed the meditation program showed a more stable mind and improved concentration.