What is the Mind?

People live inside their own mind's worlds, which is composed of their life lived (karma), habits, and body. 

People create their own false mind worlds by storing their memories as images and because of this, they live trapped inside these self-made worlds. 

The false mind world is molded by the lives people have lived and by the experiences they have had.

All people believe their own false mind worlds to be the real world, because the images they have taken of everything they have seen, heard, and experienced perfectly overlap the real world.


  • Our meditation is true self-reflection.

  • The way to reflect is to let go of the mind.

  • Looking back on yourself and letting go the mind you have accumulated throughout your lifetime is true self-reflection.


Method to Cleanse the Mind

1. Cleansing Life lived (Karma)

  • Level 1 : Cleansing remembered thoughts

  • Level 2 : Cleansing images of relationships & myself

  • Level 3 : Cleansing body

  • Level 4 : Cleansing body & the universe

  • Level 5 : Cleansing body & the universe

  • Level 6 : Cleansing me who has all the minds

  • Level 7 : Cleansing me who has mind world, negativity & all thoughts​

2. Cleansing Habits & Body (after 7 levels)

How to Cleanse Your Mind – Meditation